Never too old to try something new!

DSCF3217  Never too old to try something new.

-byDorothy Brewton,

As a retired Christian woman, I have worked most of my life. I have lived a good life. Since the age of 17,  I worked as I went to college.  I’ve had several businesses as well. I used to always hear people say that it was good to invest in IRS’s and 401ks for the future. I used to envision that day when I would retire but I never thought about what type of income it would take to live comfortably.

Times are so different now. The cost of living has gone up and housing cost are not getting any cheaper.  As I was approaching retirement I had to take a serious look at my options. Would I continue to work part-time or find other ways to earn income and still enjoy my new found freedom.

I know when you’re in your earlier years you think you’ll have time to invest and pay into a retirement fund, but believe me those years past by very fast when you’re doing life.

I found myself having to rethink my whole retirement strategy at an older age. I had to take inventory of my skill set and think about what makes me happy and what can make me money. So with the help of my daughter I started an online store that carries the things I like. I have always loved dressing up and wearing beautiful things. I loved the way they made me feel and look. I knew other women would enjoy my beautiful finds as well without having to search them out in various places. I have already done the legwork and they can find them in one place, at Dorothy’s Style Boutique. I have used my fashion sense to supply my store with statement jewelry, purses and various accessories to help women feel beautiful and special.  I enjoy what I do .

I recommend that no matter your age, you’re never too old or too young to pursue your dreams. But keep in mind that it is good to prepare for a quality future and have fun.

God Bless,

Ms. Dorothy,




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