The Vows of Marriage



WHAT POWERFULL WORDS!  What do we do after the beautiful white dress, and the exciting night of fellowship with family and friends. “Psalms 91: 2, “I will say unto the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress.” We had been married for 2 years, and as I sat in the doctor’s office listening to the dreadful news that my husband was going blind due to diabetics glaucoma, and high blood pressure.  Before this, I knew nothing of his medical history. At that point, I needed God to help me.  I knew this would not be easy, but I had God and the love for my husband. I felt I needed to escape to clear the many thoughts roaming around in my head. I was not alright about this. I heard the Lord speak through his word and say;

“He who dwells (me) in the secret place of the most-high, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

I knew that he was going to be legally blind in the next few days.  The word pointed to David, who passed through it undefiled, unhurt and trusting and loving God in perfection. We will be celebrating 25 years of marriage in April.  I have some good days as well as bad days.  I encourage myself in the word.  I can truly say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God in him will trust. The cost of your struggles during your journey.  I not speaking of the monetary, I’m referring to the denial of many pleasures.  Places  we may want to go but can’t, vacations you would like to go on has to be at another time.  Forget a cruise.  If something goes wrong and you’re at sea…not a good idea.  It makes you feel sad, but also happy for those who can go. I stay happy and strong when I see my bestie Dorothy living her best life. Sometimes it is hard to stay strong.  There are some days when nothing go right.  Through it all, I’ve learned to trust in God and stand upon his word.  HE WILL NEVER LEAVE ME OR FORSAKE ME.  Reassuring me that I’m His daughter and the King’s Kid. 

The Bible says “Blessed is the man that endure temptation: for when he is tried He shall receive the Crown of Life, which the Lord has promised” 

So guess what; I am going to stay strong, focus on the word.  I WANT MY CROWN. Just recently, I was admitted to the hospital with a viral infection and pneumonia. I was in the hospital for 13 days.  My husband left alone, with no one to administer meds or shots. I surrendered all, I had to give God.  My husband and his condition.  Once I surrendered, gave up a little pride and cast all my cares on Him.  PEOPLE, PEOPLE came from everywhere. They brought food to him every day, administered meds, washed clothes, cleaned house, my children and my Pastor’s family was so attentive.  They even took him to his doctor’s appointments……NO ONE BUT GOD!!. My message to other caregivers…humble yourself before the almighty God, and He will exalt you in due time. AMEN!

Dr. Lorena Ellis-Buckner, Evangelist, Counselor, Speaker & Life Coach


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