Winning the Battle over CANCER!

Weeping may indure for the night, but joy comes in the morning!

Sharing this experience is a true blessing because of my journey to witness the healing power of God. Sustaining your faith and believing the outcome is all in God’s hands takes true spiritual commitment. 

I first discovered cancer in my colon in 2015, I had lost about a pint of blood due to a tumor rupturing, which took me to the ER the morning of February 3rd. I had no idea that within two days, I would be told that I had colon cancer and surgery was necessary to remove the tumor and sections of my colon. As I listened to the doctor and surgeons describing the procedure and what options I had, all I could think about was family, my wife, son, and daughter, what impact this would have on them.

At age 57, I had never had a colonoscopy done and totally ignored getting an appointment when my doctor suggested that I have one scheduled. It was definitely the power of God intervening and stopping the cancer from spreading into my lip-nods, creating a much more serious medical problem for me. 

The day of my surgery, I was extremely nervous and fatigue from being up most of the night before. I had asked several friends to pray and asked God to safely see me through my surgery and that the doctors were able to remove the cancer. Three days later, when the oncologist came into my room to share the exciting news that the cancer had been totally removed, I just “ Praised God.”

Part two of my testimony is another encounter with cancer in 2018. While having my annual physical done, my doctor discovered that my Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels were high and that he thought it was necessary for me to see a urologist. As you can imagine, thoughts about cancer in another organ had me worried and scared. Two weeks later, I can remember the urologist very vividly, telling me that I had an elevated PSA  because of cancer in my prostate. He then shared with me what my options were for treatment and the possible outcomes. 

The next 45 days I was going to the cancer center and getting a radiation beam targeting the prostate to shrink the tumor and eradicate cancer. I’m now over a year free and clear of cancer because of the grace of God and my faith. 

Sometimes the journey before us is full of uncertainty and fear. Then God steps in and puts that uncertainty and fear behind us. Yes, he’s still in the healing business!

Now by God’s grace, I live by faith, I lean in his presence, I walk by patience, I’m uplifted by prayer…….and I labor with power!

Dave Ford

SCE Local Public Affairs, Region Manager

Follow him on twitter @sce_Davidf & @fordda1

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