Motherly advice on raising confident Children

God Blessed me to have two wonderful children. My desire was to raise them up to function in this world and to give them self-confidence about who they are and to feel good about themselves. As I raised my children, I always read books on topics that would help me raise healthy and well-rounded children. Just because we have children doesn’t mean we automatically know what to do. I made sure I got involved in their school at an early age. I would visit the classroom and take parent education classes. We would take them on family trips, movies, dinners and etc. We kept them busy as they grew up.

Have fun with your children!

I would always talk with them, and I never spanked them; ( they did not need me to). I felt I was so blessed to have great children in which I did not have an ounce of trouble. Never forget to laugh, play, and have fun with your children.

Family support is very good for your children. I am so happy God Blessed me to have them. I have always remembered that my children were not made for me, and my wants for them.  I was blessed to be able to help lead them in what their God-given gifts were and things they were good at, so they could pursue their dreams.

D. Dobridnia,

I thank God for blessing and trusting me to raise these two special souls for him.

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