The Five Greatest Gifts a Parent can Give!

 Thinking back over the years seeing my mom in the kitchen making homemade bread and chicken pot pies. I can still remember the aroma filling the home with a southern comfort that still brings a smile to my face.

My sisters and I have always cherished the love we felt in our home. We had a deep respect for our parents, who loved us so much and taught us how to love others and treat everyone with respect. They gave us a proper understanding of how to live in truth, respect authority, and live a righteous and disciplined life.

Our parents loved us and loved each other, but most of all, they loved God. We were taught at a young age that God was real. They brought us to the church where we learned of him and accepted him as our savior and Lord of our lives. We lived a good life. And they lived a life so strong in faith and faithfulness before us that we knew God was real every day.

God was with us and blessed us. Even as an adult today, their memory blesses my life, and all those I share their life story.  They were truly my role models not only to my sisters and me but also to the community in which they served.  I praise God for them and the example they set.

 I encourage parents today to allow God’s word to dwell richly in your heart and mind so you can live a life so powerful that it changes lives now and in the next generation.

My parents are at rest together with the Lord, Well done good and faithful servants of the Lord, well done!

My Parents

Here are the five greatest Gifts that my parents gave me:

1) Their Love for God

2) Their Love for each other

3) Their Love for their children

4) Their Godly instruction

5) Their Godly example

Retired Corrections Officer

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