Most people get married thinking that just because they have gotten married everything should be smooth sailing, no problems and perfect. Why? Because they love each other right? Unfortunately that is not the case. 
 Many of us get into relationships with rose colored glasses on. We see everything through those beautiful lenses and everything we see about each other is perfect. But as time goes by we began to see  all the flaws and imperfections and our once perfect mate has become a hot mess. Did they change overnight or did the prince become the toad you couldn’t see. 
The euphoria of being love is so powerful that it can blind you to some very obvious warning signs and before you know it you’ve been blindsided or hoodwinked. This happens all the time because we love to be loved and romanced. It’s understandable.
I too have gone through that several times and it ended in divorce because I did not take heed to the serious warning signs as I was being sweep off my feet to the alter and then stuck in a crazy marriage. If you find yourself in that situation and you’re now married to someone that has a lot of issues,  join the club! No one is perfect. If you want to stay married, you are going to have to put your rose colored glasses back on! Marriage is not for cowards it takes wisdom and serious effort to have a successful one.
If you want to know how to honor your vows to God and have the best marriage possible you have to see your spouse through Love. The unconditional love. “Love covers a multitude of faults.” 1 Peter 4:8
Even though you can’t change him, you can influence him by your chase conversation (behavior). 1 Peter 3:1  God can use you mightily to bless his life as a help meet suitable for him, Genesis 2:18
As the reality of your love assignment settles in, you have to be sober minded and vigilant to the fight, and glorify God in your marriage. 1 Peter 5:8

Through prayer and help from God you can go on to having a blessed and successful marriage that is fulfilling in every way. 

Alexis Smith

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