Let the Healing Begin!

Let the process of healing take place.

Colossians 3:13

 No matter what our people have gone through, we know in order to move forward onto victorious living we have to forgive all the wrongs done.

Our enemy is not each other, it is spiritual wickedness in high places. (Eph. 6:12-13) God is our redeemer and he will repay. (Isaiah 43:1-3a) We have a choice, we can settle for being the walking wounded or we can overcome the evil with good. Roms.12:21) We can be all that we can be with God’s help! (Phil 4:13)

So we say to all oppressors,  We forgive you for keeping us oppressed and treating us like we are less than human. We forgive you for not valuing our lives and killing us in body and in spirit. We forgive you for not giving us a fair chance at opportunities that would enhance our lives and others. We forgive you for not protecting or standing up for us when needed as you would your own. We forgive you for over 400 years of crimes against our people that has shaped the way we see ourselves and the way others treat us. We forgive you for discrimination and keeping silent to disparities in policing, security, healthcare, education, jobs, business, and so much more. We forgive you for not being an instrument for Good but for evil.

We forgive you.  Now let us right the wrongs together!

Alexis Smith, msalexis.org

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