Joy will come in the Mourning!

A Widow’s  Journey By Kathleen Hefley My husband Flood was an amazing man. He loved God, me and our kids. Everyone who knew him liked him. He was well known for his passion about all things Grand Canyon. He was an Author, Canyoneer and avid backpacker of the Grand Canyon.  He was the loving spiritual leader of our family and the Love of my life. … Continue reading Joy will come in the Mourning!

The Five Greatest Gifts a Parent can Give!

 Thinking back over the years seeing my mom in the kitchen making homemade bread and chicken pot pies. I can still remember the aroma filling the home with a southern comfort that still brings a smile to my face. My sisters and I have always cherished the love we felt in our home. We had a deep respect for our parents, who loved us so … Continue reading The Five Greatest Gifts a Parent can Give!

Motherly advice on raising confident Children

God Blessed me to have two wonderful children. My desire was to raise them up to function in this world and to give them self-confidence about who they are and to feel good about themselves. As I raised my children, I always read books on topics that would help me raise healthy and well-rounded children. Just because we have children doesn’t mean we automatically know … Continue reading Motherly advice on raising confident Children

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Winning the Battle over CANCER!

Weeping may indure for the night, but joy comes in the morning! Sharing this experience is a true blessing because of my journey to witness the healing power of God. Sustaining your faith and believing the outcome is all in God’s hands takes true spiritual commitment.  I first discovered cancer in my colon in 2015, I had lost about a pint of blood due to … Continue reading Winning the Battle over CANCER!

The Vows of Marriage

“I TAKE THIS MAN TO BE MY LAWFUL HUSBAND, TO HONOR AND OBEY TILL DEATH DO US PART.” WHAT POWERFULL WORDS!  What do we do after the beautiful white dress, and the exciting night of fellowship with family and friends. “Psalms 91: 2, “I will say unto the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress.” We had been married for 2 years, and as … Continue reading The Vows of Marriage

How to have your best life ever!

What does a teenager do to honor God in their lives today? In the age where following the normal way of things is acceptable. How do you know what pleases God and what doesn’t? The world says it’s okay to have Sex, do drugs, smoke, drink and be free to do what you feel is good for you. I get it you want no restraints, … Continue reading How to have your best life ever!