Never too old to try something new!

s a retired Christian woman, I have worked most of my life. I have lived a good life. Since the age of 17, I worked as I went to college. I’ve had several businesses as well. I used to always hear people say that it was good to invest in IRS’s and 401ks for the future. I used to envision that day when I would retire but I never thought about what type of income it would take to live comfortably. Continue reading Never too old to try something new!

Looking Forward to the Future

Alice Walker, the author of The Color Purple, recounts, “In those long midnight hours when morning seems like weeks if not years away, the words of Howard Thurman have kept watch with me.” Howard Thurman, minister, philosopher, and educator, at the time of his death in 1981, had taught and lectured at over five hundred institutions and around the world. He wrote more than 21 books of spiritual discovery and inspiration. Continue reading Looking Forward to the Future